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Luke’s Top Five Guilty Pleasures

5. The Spin Doctors – I’d like to admit that this entry is here for some nostalgia reasons, but I can’t. I love these guys. They’re the first concert I saw without my parents and they rocked my socks off. I won’t convince you to enjoy them, but I do own their live album (“Homebelly Groove: Live!”) and it’s pretty goddamn good.*

4. The Nanny – Much to my lovely wife’s dismay, I make a point to put on The Nanny and keep it there. The jokes are predictable (VERY predictable), and that voice gets more nasally as the series progresses, but I can’t not watch it when it’s on. Even this one I don’t entirely understand.

3. Denny’s – There’s nothing nutritionally beneficial to ANY food found at Denny’s and pre-packaged, idiot-chef-proof meals ensure that I can’t alter the meal to my preference but I still find my mouth watering every time I drive by one. I think it’s the smell. It smells of failure and home all at the same time and I just love that.

2. The work of Josh Duhamel – In my defense, I have not seen a lot of pieces in his acting portfolio, but what I have surmised is that he’s aware he’s submerged in crap and he’s along for the ride. Don’t believe me? Watch any episode of the show “Las Vegas”. Granted everyone is in on it (except for that woman who used to be married to Corey Feldman), but Mr Duhamel seems to wink at the camera without you ever noticing and for that I tip my hat.

1. The Harry Potter Series (books only) – What began as a way to kill time during an awful day at the Denver Airport turned into a full-fledged relationship with the entire Hogwarts graduating class. I would also love to admit that this is some sort of kitschy/hipster/bandwagon type fascination with these books, but kitsch doesn’t make you tear up at the last five pages of The Deathly Hallows, and I certainly did.

There you have it. Five reasons why I will never be able to fake my way onto the guest list at any club.

*Author’s note: all references to things being “good” are purely perceptual.