A Decent (Wedding) Proposal

Here’s another story I wrote for my friend Rachel Rosenthal’s fabulous blog Bridesmaiding (which you can visit here). I’ve never actually successfully beaten my brother at a game of Monopoly. I’ve never attempted (nor even considered) a government coupe. And I’ve certainly never attempted a heist. I’m telling you all of this because I think

2012 – A look BackWARD

Hello my friends. As the end of the year draws nigh (it is drawing nigh, yes? I’m never sure if nigh is a thing and why one would draw it), I cannot help but reminisce about all that Michelle and I have been through these past 12 months. After all, this was a year that

I need more apples

I am not an open person. Yes, I see the irony, but it’s true. I don’t like to ask for help, I don’t like to reveal too much about my personality to strangers and I don’t like to get too personal, even to my doctor. Such was the case recently, when I forced myself to

I’m re-choice

As a married man in his thirties, it is an unavoidable fact that the idea of creating a child will come up periodically in your life. And while I won’t comment on my views on the subject nor of my spouse’s, it is fair to say that I’ve done minimal research in the area of

Because I like my posts in list form

There isn’t anything in particular that made me think of this, but it popped into my head anyway, so here is: Top 5 things I miss about being a Teenager 1. Lamenting I wasn’t a drama queen or anything, but man, I could sit and wallow about some of the most meaningless topics in the

Get to know me

Luke’s Top Five Guilty Pleasures 5. The Spin Doctors – I’d like to admit that this entry is here for some nostalgia reasons, but I can’t. I love these guys. They’re the first concert I saw without my parents and they rocked my socks off. I won’t convince you to enjoy them, but I do

The Blunder Years

I have been in a few fights. Nothing major. Mostly just a couple of blows thrown at each other.  In my junior high school, fights were an everyday occurrence. I mean, it was like part of the daily curriculum—math, lunch, gym, fight. Some kids fought to vent their aggression, Some fought to showcase their only

Stop spreading the news

There are many many times in my life here in New York that I often think to myself, why am I here? Why don’t I leave? Why do I put up with all of the crap that we as New Yorkers have to put up with? Let’s face it, to have 9 million people residing

To pay the bills

I am not the most athletic person. I’m not the least athletic person either. I run occasionally, and I’ve been known to kick a soccer ball properly (top/side of the foot, not the toe). However, there are specific skills to certain games that I just don’t possess. I cannot hit a fastball. I can’t dribble