I like to write and perform in funny things; mostly pop culture and TV-related. Here are a few of them.

I co-wrote (and co-starred in) a brand-new, live episode of The Muppet Show for an ongoing series that I created called We Love TV. This episode was hosted by Michael Torpey (Orange is the New Black, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon).

We Love TV takes on Parks & Rec

I co-wrote and produced a new live episode of Parks & Recreation as part of the We Love TV series at the Peoples Improv Theater.

Skipping with Sheils

On occasion, I will Skype with my mom and record it for humor, er, posterity.

Teach Me Up Scotty

One man teaches where no man has taught before… Written by Luke Ward & Liz Black Directed by Luke Ward Glennis — Glennis McMurray Jeff — Jeff Hiller Liz — Liz Black Andrea — Andrea Palumbo Kate — Kate Tellers Dave Roddenberry– Bobby Moynihan Music — Andrew Ingkavet

Barcelona \'92

I perform regularly with my improv team Barcelona ’92 at The Peoples Improv Theater. This is a taste of that.

To Be Continued...Three\'s Company

I wrote this episode as part of the To Be Continued… show. In this episode, the roommates suspect that Mr. Furley may in fact be the Malibu Serial Killer. Wackiness ensues when they try to prove his innocence, only to find more evidence of his guilt!